What Types of Glass Enclosures are Available?

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Perhaps you have heard of the latest trend of glass enclosures. These are typically enclosed spaces or rooms that are mostly made of glass. They’re fairly popular for the light they allow into the room, the feeling of openness in the room, and the fantastic views you can see through the glass. These enclosures also lend to a feeling of classiness, luxury, and sophistication while also increasing the overall value of your home. Here are a few of the glass enclosures available to you from our company at First Class Glass and Overhead Doors.

What Types of Glass Enclosures are Available?

  • Custom shower enclosures
  • Frameless glass enclosures
  • Sunrooms

These are just a few of the glass enclosures we offer. We can also offer our repair services on nearly any glass door or enclosure you may have in your home or business. If you are new to glass enclosures, you will find that they let in significant amounts of light for beauty and relaxation. You can often find an enclosure that allows for more shaded glass that can still filter in the sunlight without allowing in too much heat or harmful UV rays.

When it comes to choosing an enclosure for your shower, you can choose from a variety of patterns and styles that will best fit your bathroom and preferences. The nice thing about custom shower enclosures is that they can be customized to fit perfectly into any type of space in your bathroom.

Glass enclosures can be great additions to your home, whether you prefer a sunroom or a shower enclosure. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more or schedule our services.