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When you’re looking for glass enclosures, turn to our experienced and helpful team.

When you look around your home, you might notice that glass is a key element of its construction and overall design. From mirrors to windows to doors, glass is everywhere in residential structures, and for good reason. Glass provides a view of the outside world and allows natural light to seep into the space. When used to create mirrors, the glass surface is reflective, helping a room to look bigger or see what’s reflected back. Glass is also useful in creating enclosures that protect those inside from moisture and other conditions.

Glass Enclosures in Kerrville, Texas

Our team at First Class Glass and Overhead Doors specializes in glass enclosures for property owners in and around Kerrville, Texas. We install various types of glass enclosures, including shower enclosures and sunrooms. Shower enclosures are functional and appealing, helping to designate a place for bathing and relaxing in preparation for the day’s activities. You can also turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with the right custom glass shower enclosure in place.

Sunrooms are designed to deliver the appeal of being outside with protection from the elements. You can soak up the sunshine while relaxing with your favorite reading material or spending time with loved ones. A sunroom is also ideal for pets, as they can play freely while staying safe from outdoor threats.

When you’re looking for glass enclosures, turn to our experienced and helpful team. We work directly with top glass manufacturers to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. For more information or to request a cost estimate for glass enclosures, reach out today.

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