What Style of Glass Patio Doors are Best for You?

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What Style of Glass Patio Doors are Best for You?The most popular type of door to lead to your patio is glass patio doors because it allows you to still enjoy the view of the outdoors even from the comfort of your home. If you are preparing for glass patio doors installation, you might still need to decide which style is best for you. You typically have two main options: French or sliding. Here is a bit of information about both types to decide which is best for you.

French Doors

  • Hinged opening: French style glass patio doors often include a hinged opening as a double set of doors. This can be a great look, but you will also have to be sure that there is sufficient space around the doors for them to swing open when needed.
  • Range of designs: This style of glass patio doors also allows for a wide range of designs. You can choose from a wider or thinner door frame or even a grated design on the glass. This can add a delicate aesthetic appeal to your home.

Sliding Doors

  • Sliding opening: As the name suggests, sliding glass patio doors slide open and shut. This can be a nice space saver because you won’t need to worry about enough space to swing the door open. You will need to be careful that the doors stay on the tracks though.
  • Easy to use: Sliding glass patio doors are also easy to use, even if you have your hand full of trays of food for your backyard party. Sliding doors will often have easy handles rather than your typical doorknob, so you can easily nudge it open if you need to.