How Complicated is Garage Door Safety Sensors Installation?

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If your garage door isn’t working right, the culprit could be the safety sensors. All garage door openers are required by federal law to have these to avoid accidents. When working correctly, the sensors detect anything that might be blocking the path of the garage door when it starts to close. If your garage door is acting up, safety sensors installation might be the solution.

How Complicated is Garage Door Safety Sensors Installation?

How Do Safety Sensors Work?

These sensors have photo eyes that are connected by an infrared beam. If that gets interrupted, the garage door will stop closing and reverse itself to go back up. As you can tell, safety sensors installation is critical if yours is not working. The sensors can be found about six inches from the ground, on both sides of the garage door.

How Can I Tell if My Garage Safety Sensors are Broken?

  • The sensor lights keep blinking.
  • The garage door doesn’t close or moves too slowly when you push the button or use the remote.
  • The garage door closes all the way and immediately opens up again.

Common Garage Safety Sensors Problems

Garage safety sensors don’t last forever, but you might not need safety sensors installation if you check a few things first. Sometimes, the sensors get covered with dust or dirt and can just be wiped off. If a cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, it could be moisture damage, an electrical problem, or normal wear and tear.

New Safety Sensors Installation

You have to be careful with safety sensors installation because there are electrical wires to deal with. We offer a complete range of garage door services and will be happy to come out for a consultation. The installation will not take up too much of your time and will be completed according to safety guidelines.