A Guide to Preparing Your Garage for an Overhead Door Installation

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Upgrading your garage with a new overhead door installation is an exciting project, but the prep work shouldn’t be underestimated. Although much of the work will be done by our professionals, getting your space installation-ready requires plenty of planning and coordination on your part as well.

A Guide to Preparing Your Garage for an Overhead Door Installation

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to get your garage ready for a seamless overhead door installation.

  • Clear Your Garage. Park vehicles on the street to provide unrestricted access to the installers. This will enable us to comfortably maneuver large equipment and materials in and out. In addition to your cars, decluttering the full garage interior is also ideal, since it will provide the crew with ample room to work safely.
  • Plan to Keep Your Kids and Pets Out of the Working Area. Due to safety reasons, children and animals should be kept clear of the working area throughout the intensive overhead door installation process. Make arrangements to have them occupied in another area of your home or property for the full duration of your appointment.
  • Have Your Installation Questions Ready. Although you’ve probably already ironed out most of the fine details with us, we understand that other questions may come up later. We recommend keeping a mental note of them before our team arrives. For example, you may want to revisit the location of your wall console. Voicing such lingering concerns upfront will help prevent delays or confusion once the work begins and ensure you’re satisfied with the results of your overhead door installation.

Following these tips will demonstrate that you’re fully prepared for an efficient, hassle-free overhead door installation. We’ll also appreciate your readiness, and you’ll end up with a smooth upgrade that transforms your space as a result. Let us know if you need any help planning!